the farm


Soreie is a family run farm. The farm together with the agriturismo are located in the beautiful Dolomites of the Fassa Valley.

The founder Sebastian has always been passionate about agricolture, he studied biodinamic method in the UK. Back in his home valley he started working small pieces of land of family and sustainers. The farm slowly grew and it involved the rest of the family. The feedback has always been very positive and since almost 10 years from the fist steps, Agritur Soreie is ready to open and will be the official headquartes of the farm.

The farm produces forest fruits like strawberries and raspberries, vegetables and milk products like goat and sheep milk, yogurt and cheese.

Our products are on sale in our small shop inside the agriturismo.




Biodynamic agriculture: What is it?

The Biodynamic agricultural method was developed at the beginning of the 20th Century by a group of farmers in NW Germany (now Poland) concerned about the future of agriculture and the degradation of soil conditions from the use of chemical fertilisers.  Following a series of lectures by the Anthroposophist philosopher Rudolf Steiner they worked to develop an ecological approach to agriculture that increases soil fertility without the use of chemicals and pesticides.

The type of agriculture which evolved is sustainable, natural and of high quality.  The biodynamic farm is viewed as an organism and is therefore a largely self-sustaining system producing its own manure and animal feed.  Additionally, the basic principle of bio-dynamic  fertilization is through the use of compost made in a certain way including the addition of medicinal herbs to increase its quality and potency.

A very direct way of understanding bio-dynamic agriculture is the awareness that the exterior mirrors the interior. Plant or animal disease is seen as a symptom of problems in the whole organism.

Importantly, the bio-dynamic method of farming helps to cut the cost of food production, helping the farmer to survive in the increasingly competitive world where bringing food to our tables is dictated by the supermarkets and pharmaceutical companies rather than the actual food producers.

Soul Food – In bio-dynamic agriculture, the simplest but hidden aspect of life is taken into consideration and used to stimulate vital processes essential to having a complete food that is not only fuel for the body but contains values and nourishment for the spirit.